Stout Week

The stouts are rolling in. While it seems as though the cold weather is never going to get here, not that I really want it, the cool fall nights certainly put me in the mood for some roasted bold flavors. The Flying Saucer is celebrating this feeling by holding Stout Week this week.

Stout week will feature some of the hardest to find and rare stouts available to Kansas City with a few more available but great stouts thrown in. The stouts are on draft and the action starts tonight at 7, so get your kids trick or treated, give your wife an Ambien* and sneak out of the house for the coffee stout night tonight. Fat Cat KC has the rest of the details, but Wednesday night's Parabola shouldn't be missed and Thursday night will probably feature a packed house to get at some Canadian Breakfast Stout.

*Don't drug your wife, this was just a joke.

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