Pils Please

If I were Viggo Mortensen I would totally be wagging my tail right now. As part of the Lagunitas expansion and them sucking and all by not being able to meet demand for everything, we in KC have gotten a little bonus. Much to my dismay, Lagunitas Pils has been the only Lagunitas beer that we don't get in KC. That is no longer true, Lagunitas Pils is now part of the Lagunitas oeuvre in KC.

Lagunitas has been unable to brew or fill orders for sixers of Maximus IPA (probably my least favorite Lagunitas beers). So, rather than give up that sixer's shelf space, the distributor has brought in Pils to take over that spot now and in the future. Now it would have been ideal to have had Pils all summer long, but since we're still experiencing 80 degree days into mid-October, we can still appreciate some pilsner goodness.

Pils should be available at any store that carries most of Lagunitas' products. Rimann in the Village is the only store I know that has it as of this writing, but it shouldn't be that hard to uncover in your beer travels today.

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