Mini Stone Week

Stone really knows how to do promotion. This week they're knocking out 2 pretty great events, or 1 great event and one interesting event (depending on your interest in Scotch Ales).

The unquestionably great event is the Blanc Stone Dinner with the Stone VP of Sales, Arlen Arnsten. The highlight of the beer dinner is the firkin of double dry hopped Sublimely Self Righteous kicking off the first firkin event at Blanc. The menu includes 2 of my favorite foods, mussels and pork belly paired with some nice beers such as the 15th Anniversary (hopefully that's a keg because it's a much better beer in the keg than the bottle) and Oaked Arrogant Bastard. Truth be told, the dessert does nothing for me because of all the coconut but that's my cross to bear, not yours. Call Blanc (816-931-6200) now to get your seat reserved for Wednesday night, space is limited.

The questionably great event is the rare beer tapping at The Flying Saucer Thursday night at 7. The rare beer is the Green Flash/Stone/Port collaboration HWY 78 Scotch Ale. Not my favorite style of beer but with the input of all of San Diego's finest (by finest I of course mean San Diego brewers) it could be a pretty great beer. Arnsten will be around to drink with you and discuss all things Stone with you.

This should be a good week to try some new Stone beers that have never been around these parts before, nor will they probably be here again.

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