Gourmet sausages, great draft beer and Martini Corner, sounds like something that can be pretty great. That's the idea behind Chris Seferyn's (Velvet Dog owner) newest Martini Corner place, Haus.  Chef Alex Pope, formerly of R Bar and the popup restaurant Vagabond, will be supplying the sausages from his new sausage enterprise (that's what a nerd who has been laid calls his bed, The Sausage Enterprise*).

*Pope's Sausage would be a great name for this as well. Maybe only underage boys would get the sausage though.

I've been asked for my input into what beers Haus should carry and some general beer geekery centric ideas. But the general idea is for Haus to have 16 taps; PBR, Boulevard Wheat, Tank 7 and Smokestack seasonal with the other 12 taps up for grabs. The other 12 taps would be some mix of German, Austrian, Belgian and American, each with its own glassware. Seferyn aims to do everything right beerwise, appropriate glassware, knowledgeable staff, good beer, etc. In short, Seferyn would like Haus to be the beer destination of midtown.

As for the food, I've seen a sample menu and the sausages sound wonderful and inventive. The one that caught my eye was alligator chicken andouille, but there were many more from the classic bratwurst, to the vegetarian, black bean and cumin, to the gourmet, duck sausage, to the exotic rattlesnake chicken andouille. The sausages are still up in the air, or on the ground, or however you want to think about it, in any case still alive. You'll have your choice of sauces and toppings to go with the sausage as well. Then there's also a couple of different varieties of french fries and dipping sauces to pair with your sausage.

Seferyn sees the operation working a little like a Chipotle type restaurant for lunch, meaning you can get in and get out very quickly with a customized lunch. Around happy hour time Haus will switch to more of a bar or restaurant with table service. Hopefully for Haus, it will be a place to get a bite to eat while you get your beer on. Then on the weekends, Haus strives to be a place to get a drunken snack and good beer. In all cases, it strives to be a great place to get a great beer.

We discussed several things on the Velvet Dog patio from Seferyn's ideal name for the place, Abe Froman's (vetoed because not enough people get the reference), to whether Haus should have Bud, Miller, Coors available (but definitely not on tap) to how awful Leawood is to Utah's terrible liquor rules. I maintained my standards for awful behavior by completely forgetting to pay for my Tank 7, showing up in flip flops and getting lost for a couple of minutes in Seferyn's weirdly placed dimples. 

Seferyn does know his beer and wants to make Haus into a place where people like me, you and him would like to drink beer. From having special tappings, getting great beers and paying attention to the beertails, Seferyn wants Haus to be one of the places we mention when we talk about beering Kansas City.

Haus will be opening around November 15 (these dates always change) and will be located in Martini Corner on the corner of 31st and Gilham. We have some input to give, from what's on tap to what you'd like to see in a beer centric place so offer up your opinions in the comments section. To me, this sounds like a wonderful idea and has the chance to be pretty great.

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