Get Your Winter On - Boulevard Edition

With the weather we're having this week I can think of nothing better than having a couple of winter beers. Lucky for us, the KC winter beers are here. Boulevard Nutcracker and Harvest Dance are hitting store shelves all over the metro as I write this. You can be sipping on Nutcracker right when you get home tonight.

Harvest Dance should be widely available. It will sell out before Nommo Dubbel does and could be gone from KC by Thanksgiving so you'd better get your bottle for Thanksgiving dinner pretty soon. Harvest Dance is one of the few beers I buy a couple extra of to drink next year. Few things are better than a 1 year old Harvest Dance while watching football on Thanksgiving (Packers vs. Lions this year, I can't wait). Nutcracker always sells through pretty quickly and we'll be lucky to still have it around for Christmas (Irish may even be on store shelves by Christmas, everything has been 2 weeks ahead of last year and Irish hit on January 4, 2011 so a week before Christmas is my prediction). Both beers should be easy to find today, so don't go out of your way, but these are 2 of Boulevard's finest offerings so definitely pick some up this week. And keep in mind my Nutcracker ditty.

With a name like Nutcracker
I didn't think I'd be a backer
Yet, I love thee so
I get pretty low
When you're no longer around

Our time together is so short
I never get bored
With your wonderful taste
that is caramel based
I drink with too much haste.

Ooh, Nutcracker I do love you
And you love me too
You treat me right
We never fight
Even when there's too many of you in a night.

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