Monday, October 10, 2011

Free State in the Village

Want Free State tonight but don't want to drive to Lawrence or put up with the denizens of Lawrence? Well, you're in luck, because Free State's coming to us for a couple of hours tonight. Tavern in the Village in Prairie Village is hosting a Free State popup location from 6-8 tonight.

Free State and Octoberfest inspired food and drink will be available in the bar area. I don't know if this is a total tap takeover or what, I don't even know if Tavern in the Village has taps. What I do know is neither their wine list nor drinks menu lists any beers, no taps, no bottled beers, no mention. I could either conclude that they don't have beer or don't hold it in any regard. They list this as their first beer event, maybe it's the first time a beer has been served in the location. Maybe inviting Free State in to show them what's up is just what they need.


  1. I read that Octoberfest will be on tap, and Oatmeal Stout, Ad Astra and Wheat State Golden available in bottles. All $2.

  2. They do have several taps, but the best options they have in general are Free State beers too. I got the same feeling that they do not 'hold (beer) in any regard'.

  3. "I could either conclude that they don't have beer or don't hold it in any regard."

    A fair conclusion given The Tavern's website, but an inaccurate one.

    Like many restaurants in the area, The Tavern purchases all their beer from Rimann Liquors. They consistently show an interest in adding unique craft beers to their lineup. They frequently offer rare beers from Free State. They were one of the only places outside of Lawrence to pour Free State's unfiltered Pilsner and there is talk of them tapping some John Brown Ale soon.

    I think their beer list is consistently better than you would expect, but like many restaurants, their ability to share information about the beer they offer is inadequate. I would fault their social marketing, not their actual selection. That's my 2 cents anyway...