Double Pumpkin on Tap

Sam Adams has taken a turn to offer some beers for the more seasoned beer drinker. I've noticed it a little bit with the seasonal variety packs and the Latitude 48 Deconstructed variety pack (and more in this vein is on the way). Now they've released a beer only available on draft, Double Pumpkin. This is a pretty limited release and will only be available in town in bars or restaurants that carry or have carried some of the more limited seasonal beers such as the East-West Kolsch. If you want a couple of sure things, The Well and Charlie Hooper's put Double Pumpkin on tap this morning.

As the word "double" would imply, this beer is a bit of a beast compared to other Sam Adams beers weighing in at 8% ABV. If it's anything like other beers in the Sam Adams oeuvre in the more challenging beer styles, I would guess this will be a little milder or less bold than something like Pumking (which is fabulous, but tough to get and gone for the year for the most part). But, depending on how you feel about pumpkin beers or Sam Adams in general, will be well worth seeking out. Again, the Double Pumpkin is only available on draft, it will not be bottled at all.

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