Double the Bastard

The Flying Saucer is tapping the first keg of Stone's Double Bastard in KC tonight. More kegs of it will be popping up over town over the next couple of days, but The Flying Saucer is the only place giving away a Stone glass with it. Double Bastard is one of the few beers from Stone that actually passes over the 10% ABV threshhold that newer breweries routinely cross meaning this Stone beer will be even more bastardy than you would think a beer called Double Bastard would be.

Double Bastard will also be coming out in bottles but not for at least a week or two. Rather than creating a frenzy this week with a small alottment, the distributor is holding it back until the second shipment comes in so there's a little more to go around. It also eliminates that weird thing where a beer comes out, we all go nuts trying to get it, I post it on here, people complain about the unemployed getting all the good beers (which is really kind of an odd complaint) and then various feelings are hurt all over town. Then a couple of weeks later the beer shows up again with no fanfare, the employed stumble upon it and buy it and complain about beers being overhyped. Now it will all show up on the same day and there should be enough to go around for all you bastards that wanna Double up.

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