CBS for Beds

Did you miss out on Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout in the bottle? Most of us did, there's some crazies out there for the CBS. Well, Waldo Pizza is giving you an option to get a great beer and help out a charity at the same time. They are auctioning 6 different bottles of CBS on Ebay. Right now each of the bottles is going for around $25, sure to go up. That's quite a bargain right now. All Half the proceeds from the auctions will go to Sleepyhead Beds, a charity that gives beds to needy children. Remember that scene in "The Blind Side" when Michael Oher said he'd never had a bed? Well if Memphis had Sleepyhead Beds he would have had a bed long before LeAnn Tuohy took him in.

The bottles are only available for local pickup so you won't be bidding against people from outside the area. This may be your last best chance to get a bottle of CBS for home consumption. It's definitely your best chance to help out some kids while you get your mapley stout goodness.

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