B4TW - Left Hand Fade to Black

We have two ways we can this weekend, you can do the good and run the Waddell & Reed Marathon and 5k or spend the weekend in Weston Irishing it up at the great Weston Irish Fest. You can freeze outside in the mornings and evenings or you can spend your afternoons outside in the warm late summer sun. But the best choice of all may be the Lenexa Chili Festival, one of my secret favorite things to attend each year. So, to embrace the heat of the chili festival and late summer sun as well as taking in the cold of the early fall evenings your beer needs to encompass the cold and warm. That beer is Left Hand Fade to Black Vol. 3.

Obviously this is the 3rd iteration of the Fade to Black from Left Hand. The first 2 were a Foreign Stout and a Smoked Baltic Porter and I enjoyed both. This year's Fade to Black is a pepper porter or chili porter. It promises a dried fruit flavor with a smoky pepper flavor bringing the heat. Fade to Black may make you sweat for the warm afternoon but will bring you some warmth in the familiar roasty flavors of a standard porter for the evening. Fade to Black brings the good (sweet) and the bad (heat) just like this weekend. That's why Left Hand Fade to Black Vol. 3 is the beer for the weekend.

Fade to Black may be a little hard to find this weekend. Any liquor store that carries Left Hand products should carry it, but the shipment was a little light so every store may not have gotten theirs. I got my sixer from Royal on State Line, but they only had a case of it and it may be all gone now.

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