Friday, October 7, 2011

B4TW - Boulevard Two Jokers

It looks like we have an Indian summer situation going on this weekend. If your neighborhood is anything like mine, you're going to have some leaves to rake up. I don't recall ever raking leaves in 80+ degree heat. When you're done bagging or mulching your leaves you're going to want a beer to cool you down and numb your sore arms. That beer should be Two Jokers.

Two Jokers has reemerged in the past couple of weeks and you should be able to find it at nearly any liquor store in KC. This also may be your last great weekend to buy it and drink it as there are rumors of Two Jokers' demise. Based on the fact some of it is sitting on liquor store shelves in early October I can't really fault Boulevard for putting it on hiatus. But, this year's version is by the far the best version of Two Jokers yet and has become my 3rd or 4th favorite Boulevard beer.  That's why Two Jokers is the beer for the weekend.


  1. Plus, it won a gold medal at GABF last week :)

  2. To keep the facts straight, that was Saison-Brett and Pale Ale which won Gold, not two jokers.

  3. I agree that this version of two jokers is different and outstanding. For those who have tried it in the past, try again, for this is a new beer.