B4TW - Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye

Speaking of beers that are leaving the market, Bear Republic is pulling back from Missouri and Kansas to better serve their other markets. What's left on store shelves now is all that's left. Bear Republic has been one of those kind of forgotten beers in town the way that breweries that come in with primarily bombers do. But, I've always been a fan and have bought Bear Republic beers fairly frequently. My favorite of the bunch, though, is Hop Rod Rye.

I like virtually every rye beer but Hoss and Hop Rod Rye are my 2 go to rye beers and buy them quite a bit. Hop Rod Rye, though, seems like a perfect beer for this time of year with its spicy notes, bready taste and hoppiness, great stuff for a warm Fall weekend. Hop Rod Rye is the perfect beer to kiss summer goodbye with and help you remember Bear Republic fondly until they get back to Missouri and Kansas. That's why Hop Rod Rye is the beer for the weekend.

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