Harling's History

A couple of years ago I took a little beer class from the UMKC CommUniversity and the Beer Jockey Jim Quinn. It was a pretty good time with some decent pretty basic information. It was more of just a conversation about beer with 4 or 5 good beers to drink along the way for around $15. Jim's been doing various versions of that class for a couple of years now through the CommUniversity.

Now he's doing one a little different next month at Harlings Upstairs. This class is going to focus a little more on the history of Westport with some eclectic beers along the way. Jim promises many stories (some of them may even be true) about the area and Kansas City's beer history. It's not going to be a beer geek class, the way I take it, the class is going to focus on enjoying some of the more sessionable beers around town.

The class happens on Thursday night October 20th, but is limited so if you're interested you'll want to sign up immediately. The class costs $9 and Jim recommends you bring some cash to drink more beer and eat salty snacks (Harlings doesn't take credit cards). The class is numbered 3308A, not to be confused with Beer Appreciation 101 (also a worthy class) which is more expensive and more in depth in the art of tasting beer.

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