Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grunauer at Royal

After I go on and on about Grunauer the other day, I find out they're going to be doing free food at Royal Liquor Thursday night. That's right, free samples of the best Austrian food in Kansas City paired with the beers served at the restaurant. Rather than spend $50 on dinner trying a couple different things and a couple beers, you can have small versions for free. Plus Nick Gruanauer will be there to talk about their Octoberfest celebration on Sunday which features a roasted pig and German beer specials. He'll also be happy to discuss beer and food pairings or anything else you've always wanted to know from Nick.

Events kick off at 5:30 and go until 7:30 at the Royal Liquor at 103rd and State Line. The last one of these featured Swagger and was popular enough to allow them to do it again this time. Get there Thursday and show some support so Royal Liquor can continue to do these beer and food pairings. It's the best free samples you're going to find in KC.


  1. Thanks man, Royal does a lousy job of updating their website about such events or their weekly specials. I wouldn't have known without your heads-up.

  2. The food and beers were really good. Then across the street at Berbiglia, they were having a much bigger wine and beer tasting, which I just happened upon. Their food was not nearly as good, but I got to try more beers for the first time - was a good night :^)