Friday, September 16, 2011

B4TW - Green Flash Double Stout

It's flippin' cold out today. It's about time to break out some stout. And isn't it convenient that a new stout hit KC this week, Green Flash Double Stout. The Double Stout should be nice and chocolaty to keep you warm this weekend. Since Green Flash is new to KC, this is the first time the Double Stout has been available. I picked mine up in Kansas but you should be able to find it in Missouri as well. If you don't see it you can give the newest Schlafly beer, Schlafly Porter a shot. Any store worth going to will have one of the two.

Look forward to 5 months from now when I declare that a day just like today is so warm it calls for a wonderful spring beer like Irish Ale or Halcyon Wheat or some such beer.


  1. I had it for the first time Friday at Flying Saucer (on draught). GREAT beer - chocolate & coffee abound, but the carbonation was high enough to keep it from being too heavy.

  2. I got triple fudge brownie. Great stuff.

  3. GF Double Stout has actually been available on the MO side since the release. Unfortunately, Royal sold out of it rather quickly the first week it so.