B4TW - Boulevard Amber

I watched the season finale of "No Reservations" this week which was a phenomenal episode, maybe the best. In it, Bourdain basically just went to a Cajun feast at some barn. I'm know to look at the beer people are drinking and I saw the familiar site of some Abita as you would expect to find in Louisiana. I wondered, just how ubiquitous Boulevard would be in a similar scene in KC. It should.

Since this is Labor Day Weekend, many of you will be holding your own little cookouts with some good ole' Kansas City smoked and grilled meats. Some of you may have friends and family over and they don't buy their beer from the same cooler in the liquor store that you do. Why not have a beer that everyone can enjoy? That beer is Boulevard Amber.

Amber is typically a gateway style of beer and Boulevard just happens to make about the best amber you can buy which means it's just as enjoyable for the seasoned beer drinker as it is for someone who enjoys the stylings of the vortex. Plus, it's Kansas City beer and you can show some pride in your city. You'll be doing your part to make Kansas City even more Boulevard country than it already is. Also the Amber Ale will go great with your selection of grilled and smoked meat, potato salad, that weird Jell-o thing your Aunt always brings over and pecan pie. That's why Boulevard Amber is your beer for the weekend.

Update: I forgot to mention in the post that Boulevard will be giving $1 for every barrel of beer they sell in Missouri to the American Red Cross to benefit Joplin. Show Me Beer has more details, so if at all possible, get your Boulevard Amber for this weekend on the Missouri side. Joplin still needs our help.

Update II: The Foundry and Beer Kitchen are also joining in and donating $.25 for every Boulevard beer they sell this month.

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