Lips Tasting

New Belgium has really turned a corner with me. I dislike nearly 100% of their regular six packs, but really enjoy most of the Lips of Faith beers especially the newest ones. The best thing about the Lips of Faith series is that they produce enough of each one that I can go to the store right now to get any one of them (excepting Oh La La). We get so wrapped up in buying all the limited release things that come out we (at least I) lose track of the beers that are always in the stores.

Tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 7 Barley's in Shawnee is having a New Belgium Lips of Faith beer tasting for $12. The Abbey Super Cru, Super Cru, 10/10/10 Metric Ale, Oh La La, Le Terroir and Belgo IPA will be available for sampling. Also, a New Belgium representative will be there talking about the beers and he may have a Lips of Faith beer that has yet to be released in KC. This seems like a pretty good event where you can find a great beer you can pick up from the store whenever you want.

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