Life and Limb Day

We don't get many chances to get Dogfish Head beers around here so you've got to jump on the chance when it arises. It has arisen. The much ballyhooed release of Life and Limb 2 is upon us and bottles are appearing on liquor store shelves this very afternoon.

For those that don't know, Life and Limb is a collaboration between Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada hence the distribution to these parts. It's a strong ale brewed with maple syrup from Sam Calagione's family farm and barley grown at the Sierra Nevada brewery and was very well received last year when it came around. They made it in greater quantities this year so it's a little more available but it's still going to go fast. If you're interested, Gomer's South and Royal on State Line have sounded the trombone that they have it. The other usual suspects should be getting it today as well.

If you miss out on it today, several kegs have been popping up around town, those will eventually be tapped so keep an eye out. I know that Blanc will be having one as part of their rare beer Wednesdays and I'm sure The Flying Saucer will have it as part of their rare beer Thursdays.

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