Thursday, August 11, 2011


Now that the riots in England seem to have calmed down a little, it's time to focus on England for the good that they bring the world, the English Premier League. From August through May, the EPL can entertain your Saturday and Sunday mornings. The 2006 Men's World Cup kind of roped me in to soccer and I started watching the Premier League. I read a little about it and picked a team, Tottenham Hotspur and had a passive interest in the games. By last year's Men's World Cup I was a full fledged soccer fan and found myself seeking places to watch the US games. Then this year's Women's World Cup final between the USA and Japan, may have been the best game of any sport I've ever seen. I only wish that I had been in a bar watching it with 50 other people instead of in my living room with my kids actively not caring what was happening on the TV.

So now I'm fully excited for the EPL season opener this Saturday. The rioters have already caused postponement of the first ESPN game between Tottenham Hotspur and Everton (the riots started in the Tottenham neighborhood). I'm sure another game will replace it as 9 other matches are scheduled to take place on Saturday.

What I want to know is what places are there to go and watch EPL games on Saturday mornings? I know the Gaf has Arsenal watch parties, but I'm as interested in that as I am in going to a Lawrence bar to watch a KU basketball game. Johnny's in P&L has watch parties for a lot of different soccer games, they probably do for EPL Saturdays and Sundays as well. What other bars can people go to to watch the games?

I would really like for some bars to become club specific bars so I could watch the games with my Tottenham Hotspur brethren. Waldo is well suited for this since The Gaf is already an Arsenal bar. Why not have The Well be a Spurs bar, Lew's a Manchester United bar, 75th Street Brewery Liverpool, Bobby Baker's could be Everton, Swagger Stoke City, Tanner's Chelsea, Kennedy's Fulham or West Brom, Waldo Pizza Man City, Hannibals Bolton, etc. These are all just suggestions and it should probably happen organically, but Swagger being a Stoke City bar is an inspired idea. We could turn Waldo into a place where I could walk down Wornall on Saturday mornings and throw darts at Arsenal fans.

First, though, it would be great if some bars had a good English breakfast and the EPL matches on the TV. If the previous paragraph confused you, you could benefit from a little EPL tutorial from Grantland.


  1. Tottenham fans seemed the loudest and drunkest during my first week of trying to catch a bunch of EPL games on TV, so I signed right up.

    I could support this idea of yours.

  2. I've been wanting some good bar(s) for EPL soccer/football fans in KC for awhile. Johnny's is fun for US games mostly, but some smaller pubs that could open at 7am on Saturdays would be awesome. There are several in St.Louis that are great, but still haven't found a great one in KC. I think a good place to start is somewhere that already serves breakfast and good beer. Hoping to see some more comments on this!

  3. The game is cancelled? Horseshit. I was looking forward to waking up to an Everton beatdown.

  4. First, those places need FSC and FS+ which they probably have but never use, but more importantly ownership that is willing to open early. Why does Arsenal fan get the only place in the neighborhood willing to open at 7? COYS