Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Well Draft

Now that we know we're going to have an NFL season this year many people are scrambling to figure out their fantasy football leagues. It's going to be a full time job for many just trying to figure out who to put on their draft boards with all the free agent scrambling. The last thing you need to do as a fantasy football commissioner is try to organize a football draft party, you need to figure out who the Bills 3rd running back is and the Colts 5th receiver or your breakout candidate.

The Well (74th and Wornall) wishes to help you out with organizing your draft by offering up your own private draft room for your league.You get access to The Well's free wi-fi, HD TV's with audio and video hook ups and enough electical outlets for everyone's laptop. Then you get a buffet of chips with a trio of dips; Buffalo Chicken, Spinach Artichoke, and Salsa. All that for $100 (plus gratuity) is a pretty good price to keep that weird guy who eats his toenails during the draft out of your living room.

This could be you every Sunday after too many $5 Tank 7's on draft day

To sweeten the offer a little, The Well will offer you and your leaguemates $5 Boulevard Tank 7 and Nommo Dubbel (when available) pints (that's right, full on pints) during your draft. If you schedule on a Monday you can also have access to their 1/2 price craft beer special (this is available every Monday whether you're doing your football draft or just an everyday customer). The Well does have a pretty good list of beers in the bottle, you're sure to find something to your liking.

I'm not sure if other bars around town have similar offers to this, but it seems like a pretty good deal. $10/person for a 10 owner league with good beer specials even less if you bring in wives (shudder) seems well within reason. This deal is only available Sunday thru Wednesday up until the football season starts. To book the room call 816.361.1700 or email

Current taps
Stone IPA
Stone Levitation
Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye (rotating)
Founders Dirty Bastard (rotating)
Bells Oberon (rotating)
Chimay White
Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot (rotating)
Sam Adams East-West Kolsh (rotating series)
Sam Adams Summer Ale (seasonal)
Boulevard Tank 7
Boulevard Amber Ale
Boulevard Single Wide IPA
Boulevard Pale Ale
Boulevard Smokestack Seasonal
Boulevard Pilsner
Boulevard Wheat
New Belgium Seasonal


  1. I tried to go there once and they had a dude at the door checking ID and I forgot my wallet so I went to Waldo Pizza instead. I should try to go again. It's always hard to walk past Waldo pizza though (same reason I don't go to 23rd St as often as I should, it involves driving past Free State).

    Draught list is pretty decent.

    I'll through out a plug for our friends at the Foundry. I once had a party in their little nook upstairs with 12-15 people and I got some guacamole and some pizza bites or something ? (separate catering menu) and I was buying all the drinks and I think it was just like $350, I was shocked at how cheap it was to do that and everyone loved the food and there was a ton left over. So think of them if The Well books up.

    Kindest Regards,

    The Beer Blog Troll

  2. Since you mentioned it, The Foundry's little room is great for a party. But it's a little weird for a sitdown event like a football draft. The cigar room between McCoy's and The Foundry is better. I think both are free to reserve and use as long as you spend $100 on food. Both rooms have worked wonderfully for the Gents meetings when we've been there.

  3. Yeah, I guess the little room is more good for moving around and having a few different small groups talking at one time.

    When I did this, the Cigar Room had a somewhat higher minimum food order but in both cases I was actually shocked at how low the minimum was and how cheap (and good) the food was.

    What is the hipster equivalent of fantasy football? I think there is a market here the Foundry isn't tapping.