The Perfect Confluence

Friday Night Lights ends tonight. For me, Friday Night Lights was the perfect confluence between a topic that interests me and being supremely well done no matter what I thought about the subject. Shows like that don't come around often, if ever. I can't think of a flaw in the show, they had me from the get go with Jason Street all American boy getting paralyzed by a hit on the football field in the first episode through now with Vince choosing Coach over his father and Riggins back from prison and demanding Billy live a better life. Grantland did a great piece yesterday with an oral history of the show.

It's going to be tough to say goodbye to one of my favorite shows of all time tonight. I've been trying to think of a beer to pair with the show. I could go with some Tallgrass Oasis which mimics some tallboys like Tim Riggins would drink. I could go with some Shiner to match up the Texasness of the show. But, I think the best choice would be the beer, that to me, is the perfect confluence between a style of beer that I love from a brewery that I love that is completely well done. That beer, for me, is Boulevard Tank 7. What would it be for you?

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

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