Hop Fest Hangover

Did you miss out on Hop Fest? Did you have a beer that you missed at Hop Fest but still wanted to give it a shot? Did you just want to try some great beer for cheap. Well now you have a shot. Monday, The Well is selling all of their left over Hop Fest beer for crazy, CRAZY, CRAZY prices. Okay, the bolded CRAZY may have been a little much, but still, the beers are discounted. You buy 1 bottle at The Well, you get a bottle to take home. That's right 2 for the price of 1, hard to beat that.

Monday night starting at 6, The Well will be holding what they hope will be an annual event, the Hop Fest Hangover. They have to order a bunch of beer for Hop Fest to make sure that supplies last, and boy did they last. The beers are still around a month later. I'm sure you'll be able to find a discounted beer that will strike your fancy.

I hope in the future they put this little get together a little closer to Hop Fest, but it should be a pretty good deal nonetheless and a great opportunity to add to your home beer collection.

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