Emery, Bird and Thayer

I post this because I find it genuinely curious. My good friend, and by good friend I mean guy I talked to about toe shoes and kilts at Hop Fest, posted the menu for a beer dinner at EBT (435 and State Line) on the KC Beer Blog Facebook wall. I've never known anybody who ever ate at EBT and I've been asking around for about a week. Every comment I've heard about the place makes it seem like someplace Kevorkian would shop for patients. But, the menu looks good, they have Tank 7 on tap and they care enough to have a beer dinner.

The interesting thing about this beer dinner is that it features a bunch of Belgian beers that are new to the market that many people haven't tried. Plus, you get to try them in the curiosity that is the EBT restaurant. Did you know that the EBT stands for Emery, Bird and Thayer which was a downtown department type store or maybe clothing store in the early 1900's? I didn't. I always wondered what it stood for. Apparently the restaurant strives to emulate the classic Victorian style building that Emery, Bird and Thayer occupied.
EBT can offer you an atmosphere of style and elegance like no other. Dine 'inside' one of the antique elevator cages or beneath the column capitals & brick arches. Relax with some live jazz in the lounge or dine at the bar if you prefer.

No matter where you're seated you'll enjoy the charming ambiance, exemplary service and exquisite food that have been EBT's hallmarks for nearly 30 years.

Our entire staff will work to make your dining experience perfect.
Sure that's typical marketing type speak that means nothing, but sometimes it's nice to visit old style KC. I'll bet you're sure to find some other diner that rode the streetcar to Emery, Bird and Thayer to buy some of those straps they used to hold up socks.

In any case, the food looks good, the beer is certainly good and it's just curious enough of an event to make it worth $48. The beer dinner is July 27th and you can reserve your spot by calling 816-942-8870.

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