Beer for the Weekend - Founders Blushing Monk

Kind of a boring week here in KC Beerland, not much new, it seems to be that way every July. We mostly hole up in our AC, lament not having an NBA team and with the finals over, we know it's a long wait until the first tip-off of the next NBA season. Just kidding, I know we don't lament that. You know how I know, I live here. Anyway there is something to be excited about this weekend, the new 750 ml series from Founders. To kick off the series is the Founders Blushing Monk.

I'm a sucker for raspberry beers, I even bought the Shock Top raspberry wheat beer. I go nuts over the release of New Belgium's Frambozen every year and I've been known to down 2 or 3 raspberry wheat beers at McCoy's or 75th Street Brewery. This Founders one, though, is unlike all the rest because is a Belgian style raspberry beer. Mixing Belgian style and raspberry beer really sets my heart aflutter. That's why Founders Blushing Monk is the beer for the weekend.

Founders beers are only sold on the Missouri side of the line (if you're from outside of KC and don't understand this sentence, I'm aware that Founders is sold in other states besides Missouri). Blushing Monk might be a little more difficult to find than other Founders beers, so make sure you ask at the counter if you don't see them out. Also, unrelated to Blushing Monk, Founders beers are $7.99 at all Royal Liquor locations this weekend (as of right now Royal does not have their Blushing Monk in). So while last weekend we lived like the Founders, this weekend we can drink the Founders.

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