What's Goode at McCoy's

I hope Beer KC doesn't mind me stealing this pic
As part of mine and Stella's patio sitting Friday night we hit up McCoy's for some happy hour beers and a snack. I knew from Beer KC (a must follow blog for those interested in the corner of Pennsylvania and Westport) that McCoy's had a farmhouse ale on tap. A farmhouse ale and happy hour specials go together like peas and carrots as Forrest Gump might say.

We got a nice spot on the patio, ordered up a couple of Goode's Farmhouse Ales and some pretzels and enjoyed an afternoon in Westport. What we got for our efforts was a wonderful $3 beer filled with belgian-y goodness. It was much closer to a Great Divide Colette than Boulevard Tank 7 as far as farmhouseyness, but much lighter on the citrus than Colette. I liked it a hell of a lot more than Colette and it was perfect for sitting on the patio on a hot day. I've been impressed with a number of beers from McCoy's but probably none more than this one. Of course it is my favorite style of beer and a great version of that style.

It was 7.2 6.1% ABV and Stella really felt the alcohol as I assured her it wasn't a really strong beer (guess I was wrong). That seems a little dangerous as it was so good and easy to drink, you could pound down 4 of them pretty easy during happy hour. But, one or two will make you feel a-ok.

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