Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Design

If you've clicked through from your blog reader or just check in here you've probably noticed it's a little lighter in here. I changed things around a little bit to make it brighter and easier to read. The dark brown color scheme was really starting to bug me. I'll probably be making a few other changes in the next day or so, but nothing you'll probably notice.

Also, KC Beer Blog is now a little more mobile friendly. When you click through on your phone, the blog has a little different layout, is a little easier to find different blog posts and may be a little easier to comment.

Let me know what you like, don't like, etc. and I'll try to make it a little better. But, I don't like to mess with formatting too much, so this style work won't last long.


  1. Like I said on Twitter last night, the new mobile layout doesn't crash Safari on my iPhone. Commenting appears to be smooth as well!

  2. Change is a good thing! Although I don't necessarily recommend that you go back to the brown color scheme, the darker color scheme was far easier on the eyes than the new one.

  3. add an RSS feed for "ALL COMMENTS"

  4. Added to the sidebar, just copy the URL to your reader.