Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Collaboration #2

Deschutes and Boulevard Brewing-White IPA Collaboration from Ritch Marvin on Vimeo.

Not much new information in the video above, but it shows Larry Sidor of Deschutes and Steven Pauwels of Boulevard talking about Collaboration #2. They had an event at the Deschutes brewpub much like the one we attended at Boulevard early in May. In the video, Larry and Steven talk about the creation, formulation and collaboration between the two to come up with the collaboration White IPA. The new piece of information is the release date of 7/11. What I know about beer release dates, especially a month in advance, is that the 7/11 date is extremely tentative. But, in the interest of giving out information, I thought it might be important.

Between what The New School blog and Beervana are saying, they concur with my assessment that these early versions that we tried are a little light on the IPA side. But, it is a very good beer and will be well worth seeking out both companies' versions to give them a shot. It won't last long.


  1. liquor store clerk rumor is that deschutes could choose united as their distributor. would be really interesting. essentially budweiser distributor, but technically a separate entity due to 3 tier system/law. and because of that, still an american company that seems be exercising its ability to change with the market and head for craft beer. they already have widmer and goose. seems like deschutes will have to officially pick soon. im still holding out for central states.....

  2. Central States isn't getting it, I've heard the same thing, it's going to the Bud distributor.