Mikkeller Single Hops

A while back Sam Adams released the Latitude 48 Deconstructed 12 packs featuring 6 different varieties of Latitude 48, 5 of which were single hopped with one of the 5 hops varieties found in Latitude 48. It was an interesting variety pack which gave those of us to try it a nice little education on hops. Sam Adams basically ripped off the idea from Mikkeller, but made it cheaper and more accessible than Mikkeller has.

Well, the Mikkeller version of the single hop series is hitting KC this week, as well as numerous other Mikkeller beers (Cantillon has also released limited quantities around town this week).  There's a bunch of thesingle hop beers and they're sold singly and are somewhat expensive, but I think $50 will get you all of the varieties and will lead to a fun, educational weekend of drinking.

I'm not sure at this time if the Mikkeller single hop beers will be available in Kansas this week, but they are in Missouri. They're pretty limited so they may be behind the counter at your better liquor stores so ask around. The usual suspects, Gomer's, Royal, Lukas, strange Northland stores,  are the best places to look. If you find them, as always, leave a comment and let the rest of us know where, limits in place and price.

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