Boulevard Art

Artwork and packaging are very important when selecting a beer from the liquor store. It's probably a little too important to me especially the ugly packaging. It took forever for me to try Lagunitas because their six packs were so plain. I never buy anything from Anderson Valley because their packaging is so overdone. Then there's other brands that don't do anything distinctive with their packaging. Boulevard, however has some really distintinctive and good looking packaging.

The man responsible for packaging and labels is Payton Kelly. Kelly has been with Boulevard since very nearly the beginning and much of the look and feel of Boulevard is because of him. Well much of that history of Boulevard and Kelly's art will be on display one night only at the Eldridge Hotel (701 Mass. in Lawrence) and Kelly will be around to discuss it with you. Oh, and there will be beer there too, more specifically Boulevard beer. So if you're interested in talking Boulevard history, art and beer, The Eldridge is the place to be Friday night from 5-8 PM.

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