Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beer Camp

Are you ready for the summer?
Are you ready for the good times?
Are you for the birds and bees -
the apple trees
and a whole lotta foolin' around?*

It's Beer Camp. It's here. Okay maybe not as exciting as the 100th viewing of "Meatballs", but still pretty exciting.

For those that don't know, Beer Camp is Sierra Nevada's version of the Sam Adams Longshot contest. In Beer Camp, lucky people are chosen (based on submitted videos) to spend a day at Sierra Nevada, talk with some brewers, drink some exclusive beers and at the end of the day collaborate with the brewers and come up with a beer. The best of those beers are bottled and sold as part of a variety pack, 4 styles, 3 of each.

In this version of the variety pack is a California Common, Juniper Black Ale, Double IPA and a Weizenbock. Not much of this is going to be around, so if you find it post it on OnTapKC or in the comments section. Royal Liquor on State Line has some if you're near there (as well as some Cantillons and Mikkelers if that's your thing).

*This was the 900th post on this blog and my first mention of "Meatballs". It's shocking that it took this long.


  1. Only 10 cases of this around and only on the Missouri side.

  2. I think 20 cases came to the Kansas side almost a month ago. 5 cases went to Lukas and are already gone. I'm not sure what other stores got them.

  3. A few (2) of the 10 went to Lukas off of State Line - found it there late yesterday!


  4. I found single bottles from this broken out at MDL the other day, I think they wanted like $3/12oz. bottle. I didn't buy any, at that price.