Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blind IPA

Plastic tasting glasses, why didn't we think of that?
Perhaps the most prolific of KC bloggers of beer, FatCatKC, has started his own blind beer tasting group. For their first session they tasted 11 IPA's blind. A couple of things struck me about his test. First, it never occurred to the Gents to use plastic tasting cups, we're always toting glassware around. Second, he used his wife to pour the beers whereas our wives fled the building when we did a Gents at someone's house. Last and probably most important, the FatCat group graded those IPA's which were most different, in the IPA's case, the most malty. This confirms my theory that in a blind tasting, the beer that is different is graded the worst.

Check out FatCat's post to see the results.


  1. They even have the right type of glasses (the hard plastic, the soft ones smell and wreck head retention). I prefer the taller and narrower 7 ounce ones but the party stores all have the short fat ones. If you want to buy a bunch for gents you can get them at (or something like that) for $40ish shipped per 500, quite a bit cheaper than the party store.

  2. Gents is just environmentally friendly.

  3. Yeah I would like to shout out to the Mrs she's a trooper. I couldn't figure out how to mark 44 glasses without ruining them. And I wanted an opportunity to go down the line at the end to taste them back to back before final scores were given. So 11 beers had to be in glass at once. Wow I really struck a cord with stating we downgraded two IPA's because of their maltiness. Pissed a bunch of people off I guess. In my personal opinion the maltiness in those two beers interfered with the hop aroma and flavor. Hop aroma and flavor are trademarks of the IPA style for me (again not BJCP certified). I was just giving insight to people who might not have experience with IPA's. If they wanted to try a "mellower" IPA the two malty IPA's may be a good starting point. This tasting was meant for fun and should be interpreted as such. Thanks for reading everyone.