Beer for the Weekend - Stone Sublimely Self Righteous

The Cardinals are in town, that means that Cardinal fans will be around and showing their colors. Nobody wants that. Kansas City's better than St. Louis (not necessarily the baseball team), we know it, they know it, Albert Pujols knows it, the rest of America knows it. Unfortunately, The K won't show it. It's going to be a sea of red. Kansas Citians tend to run and hide when the Cardinals come to town and it's always evident when you watch the games. They're almost home games for the Cardinals. But, a new day is coming, the Cardinals' dominance over the Royals should be coming to an end, if not this year, then definitely next year and beyond.

That's why the beer for this weekend is Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous. Kansas Citians are not full of braggadaccio like St. Louisians, but we know we're better. We're sublimely self-righteous. Not only does the name match what the weekend will be like, but it's a wonderful beer. A sweet, citrusy, hoppy taste mixed with a little roasted and nutty flavors, Sublimely Self Righteous strikes that wonderful balance of easily drinkable while full of many flavors. Sublimely Self Righteous is one of the best beers you can buy at any price, but for $5 - $6 it's nearly unparalleled. Beating the Cardinals on any given day is just about the best thing that can happen. Taking 2 of 3 or sweeping them is the equivalent of a great beer for a low price. Drinking Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous is the equivalent of a 3 game sweep, which is why Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous is the beer for the weekend.

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