Beer for the Weekend - Left Hand Good Juju

It's a big weekend for all the mothers out there*. Dads and kids are going to cook breakfasts. Flowers and chocolates will be received. Weird licking may even occur. We need a good all purpose beer for this weekend. That beer is Left Hand Good Juju.

*This is Mother's Day, not female owners of a dog or cat day. If you own a dog or cat and don't have children, your dog or cat is not your child and you are not eligible for Mother's Day or Father's Day. This is very important because it is immensely insulting to real mothers. The same goes for calling your dog or cat your child. If your child has 4 legs, you've had some freaky unprotected sex. This does not apply to monkey owners. If you own a monkey, you can do as you wish.

Left Hand Good Juju is a beer made with ginger, not a ginger beer. It's relatively light, really tastes great and makes for easy drinking. Since the ginger really brightens a morning, it may help the fathers out there cope with cooking breakfast with the kids, which, depending on the age of your kids, may actually be the most discouraging thing you do all year. You're going to need a drink for that, and go ahead and give one to your wife for breakfast too.

Good Juju is available on both sides of the state line but it may be a little harder to find. You'll probably need to go to one of the better beer stores in town to get some.

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