Pub and Pedal

One of the most fun times I've had doing things for this blog was when we did the 87th Street Bar and Bike. Wes Port and I weren't really great bikers so we mostly focused on the bar aspect of the bar and bike. I think we went to 10 bars and rode about 3 or 4 miles. It feels a lot better getting some exercise in while you're getting your drink on.

With that in mind, the Pub and Pedal for Earth Day may just be a great time. The Pub and Pedal will start out at the Liberty Memorial, ride to Czar Bar, then to Tower Tavern, then The Foundry and Riot Room and then to a bonfire at some dude's house. It doesn't sound like that strenuous of a ride so I think nearly anyone with a bike could do it. The trick is to try. If you only make it to 1 or 2 bars, that's better than 0 bars.

The ride takes place on Saturday, April 23rd with the meetup at Liberty Memorial at noon. A donation of $20 benefiting BikeWalkKC is appreciated, but not mandatory. The first 75 people participants will receive an "eco-friendly" t-shirt (nudity is much more eco-friendly). So if your idea of a good time is drinking good beer near bikes with people with biker shorts on, this is the ideal event for you.

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