Iron Homebrewer Challenge - Cactus and Lime

Such a thing exists as Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus. I came across this little nugget of information this afternoon. Now I know I would never buy such a thing and often can quickly move on from hearing about these sorts of abominations and going about my business. But, this one sticks in my craw a little bit. I first began to wonder what kind of person would order such a thing. Not to be sexist or anything, but can a man order this and be taken seriously as a person? Could a woman?

But then I began to wonder what exactly is so wrong with it? What exactly is so revolting? I like lime. Cactus is intriguing. It has to be the Michelob Ultra part of the name. Michelob Ultra is probably the single worst I've ever had, I'm not sure losing weight is worth drinking Ultra. But, still, and prepare yourself for this, there are other flavors of Michelob Ultra, Pomegranate Raspberry and Tuscan Orange Grapefruit. Neither of those 2 sound completely revolting like the Lime Cactus.

Has the presence of all the other macro lime beers ruined the little green fruit's beer reputation? Could there be a craft beer or homebrew using lime and cactus that would not be immediately dismissed as some sort of gimmick beer? Or is the lime taboo for good beer? My first ever Iron Homebrewer Challenge is to create a lime cactus beer that is delicious. The only rule is that lime and cactus must be used and be 2 of the primary flavoring agents in the beer. Everything else is up to the brewer. Lime Cactus White Ale, Lime Cactus Saison, Lime Cactus Stout, doesn't matter, like U2 tried to do with Helter Skelter, let's try and take the lime back.

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