Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hop Fest

Tired of huge crowds, rank amateurs, little beer and drunk douchebags at your favorite beer festival? I am and apparently so were some other folks so they came up with Hop Fest 2011. Hop Fest aims to solve the large crowds of other beer fests by limiting the number of tickets to 850 (750 General and 100 VIP). To keep out those who believe a Heineken is a special treat, Hop Fest charges a bit of a premium, $30 for General Admission and $50 for VIP's. Solving the problem of running out of beer, Hop Fest is actually purchasing the beer for the event rather than relying on donations from distributors or breweries. That means they're going to be buying the good stuff and lots of it. I don't know if there's a plan to keep out the drunk douches, but without Bud Light or beer flavored with lime, I think Hop Fest may be douche free (at least the standard Jersey Shore-ish, protein powder swilling kind).

Most breweries that have beers available in KC will be represented. But, they won't just be offering the same old fare you could find at Gomer's or Royal. They'll be bringing the rare stuff too. In addition, rare and unusual beers will be released every 30 minutes during the festival. The VIP ticket gets you into Hop Fest an hour early so you can get to the Hopslam or Boulevard Hoppy Wheat (or whatever rarities will be available at that time) without having to push through 700 people. VIP's will have access to 5 rare or unusual beers in the extra hour. With every ticket guests will receive a tasting glass and program and access to some of the best brewers and beer people in the US.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday at The Well and Lew's Bar and Grill in Waldo. Hop Fest will take place on Saturday, June 18 and take place in the parking lot just east of The Well. Get your tickets quickly, you don't want to be on the outside looking in.

Update: Someone is posting this around saying this is the official site of Hop Fest. It is not the official site of Hop Fest. Other than planning on attending, I have nothing to do with Hop Fest, have no financial stake in Hop Fest and have no responsibility for Hop Fest. This is not the official or unofficial site for Hop Fest, this is a blog covering events, bars and beers in Kansas City.


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  2. Sounds like Central States really wants to get this right. I definitely plan on attending.

  3. 850 people is still a lot in a confined space. Also, if you're planning on attending, this can hardly be considered douche free.

  4. I'll probably buy a ticket, but the GABF is only $60 and though filled with plenty of douches, it has much more beer and I'm guessing an overall better experience. $50 vip ticket seems high. I also don't go to these $50+ beer dinners that have become popular in KC either. I guess I'm just cheap.

  5. The Well and Lew's Bar and Grill or the first sentence of the 3rd paragraph.

  6. I always thought the Well was a nest of Doucheness. However where is the love for the Parkville Microfest? I think the best one here in town. Cheap a great family friendly event and really a great location.

    Been there 4 years running and never a beer run out (all kegs) and save for the rain last year a awesome time.

  7. Color me skeptical. I think if the management of The Well and Lew's were likely to put on a beer festival that I would like, they wouldn't be 14th and 15th on my list of best places to get a beer in Waldo, right behind Chipotle.

  8. James, I was planning on something about Parkville tomorrow or Thursday.

    John, Central States the distributor is doing all the work on this one. I think Lew's and The Well (same owner) is buying the beer. Whether that keeps you skeptical or not is up to you, but Central States is the party in charge.

  9. I feel the need to chime in on this one.

    Chris and Andy from the Well and Lew's are first and foremost the ones who approached CSBEV about this event. They then traveled to Extreme Beer Fest in NE to learn about it with one of our team members.

    CSBEV's involvement is assisting by getting all of the local area distributors involved and working together for the sake of Craft Beers. All of the distributors: Mo Bev, Major Brands, NKC Beverage, United Beverage, Central States Beverage and more have worked with each of our respective supplier partners to come up with the outstanding selection that attendees will have.

    As for the event, it will be first class and the Kansas City Area distributors are going to ensure that it is along with the staff from The Well and Lew's! Hope to see you guys and gals there! Tickets go on sale at 11:00 Wednesday!

    Jon Poteet
    Director of Marketing
    Central States Beverage Company

  10. Well, we'll see. I've been more excited after reading a press release before. No offense but I've never found beer distributor involvement to be a huge plus at a festival. Distributors want to sell beer which means they bring beer that can be sold. Breweries want to impress people and create buzz which means they bring beer distributors will never have their hands on. That is what you get at Parkville, GABF, Great Taste, OBF etc.

    I'll be in San Diego (which reminds me that there is a different beer festival on the same day in town which I will miss for the same reason, can't remember what is is called) so I'll look forward to hearing about it.

  11. I'm nit sure how this will be d-bag free. The Well sits near the top of the douche hangouts. Surpassed only by the Granfalloon. 850 people in a parking lot isn't exactly small. Home Brew festivals kick ass. Maifest at City Park in KCK is the best in the city.

  12. All of the special events that Lew's Grill & Bar and The Well have done in the past have been first class. I expect nothing less on this festival. Their new parking lot will be plenty big for the limited amounth of people. It is almost most 2 acres of land.

  13. Special Beers announced for Hopfest

    Boulevard Test Sour Love Child #2 -keg
    Southern Tier - Gemini, Imperial Blended Ale
    Crispin - oak aged Pear and Apple Ciders - only eight in the state of MO
    Lagunitas Brown Shugga 2010 -keg
    Boulevard Hoppy Wheat - keg
    Troubador Magma -keg Blgian IPA
    Monk's Café - keg Begian Sour
    Southern Tier - Oaked Aged Unearthly ( Imperial IPA)
    Tallgrass - Velvet Roster (Belgian Triple)
    Southern Tier - Jahva (Imperial Coffee Stout)
    Tommy Knocker - Hop Strike (Black IPA)