The Export Patient

Have you ever seen "The English Patient"? I was a bit fascinated with that movie when it came out. I probably saw it 3 or 4 times in the theater with another 10-15 viewings since. It's incredibly long and not that exciting, but it had a style that few movies in the mid-90's had. Plus it was set during WWII which is right in my wheelhouse of 1930 - 1950 style that I enjoy like the Indiana Jones movies. Ralph Fiennes in his baggy button down shirt with loose fitting khaki cargo pants, Indiana Jones in his leather jacket and fedora, Indiana Jones in his white dinner jacket fighting for the diamond at the beginning of Temple of Doom, Bogart's trenchcoat in Casablanca, all classic style in my book.

This is what I think of when I see Schlafly Export IPA. I don't think there's a more evocative beer bottle label than what appears on Export IPA. But, Export IPA also has substance. It's one of my favorite IPA's for the springtime and seems like a perfect accompaniment for a good WWII era movie not set in the war. Export IPA is more of an English style IPA than an American hop bomb IPA, so it brings some sweetness to counter the piney flavor. It's eminently drinkable and enjoyable.

I can imagine Ralph Fiennes climbing out of his bi-plane, opening up a leather trunk, pulling out a map and an Export IPA to drink. Or I can just imagine that I'm Ralph Fiennes in "The English Patient" (before he got all burned up) while I'm drinking a sixer.

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