Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Drunk Monkey on the Radio

For those of you willing to subject themselves to morning FM radio, one of America's failures as a society, you can hear Show-Me Beer's Drunk Monkey, Tim on 96.5 The Buzz tomorrow morning. Tim's segment should start at 7. I'm going to break about 8 of my rules regarding things I'll do to my ears and brain to listen. Tim promises not to plug Lagunitas or hate on Weston, my 2 signature moves. But, I'm sure he's going to do something he's not planning on, you should be there to listen.


  1. and yes, the hockey jersey will be there. Lagunitas! dammit

  2. I rather like the TRUNK Monkey.

  3. Not bagging on Weston means not being truthful about the quality of their product. I've given them several chances at redemption and it always tastes sour, flat and not pleasant. Lagunitas on the other hand=instant beerner.