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I don't usually like these sorts of posts, but, we've got a couple of changes to the ol' beer blog to announce. First and foremost, we're losing a writer, the lovely Paul A. Ner. He has decided to leave KC for the friendly environs of Rehoboth Beach and Dogfish Head. Now when you log onto you will see Paul A. Ner's work as he is the off centered Web Head or something like that. He'll continue to have rights to write posts but his contact info will no longer be available and will not be listed on KC Beer Blog as a contributor. Hopefully, he will find the time to write a post of his own about his move, his new position, etc.. We will be adding another writer to take Paul's place. Nothing has been finalized but I don't think you'll be disappointed with the addition.

Next up, for those who don't enjoy the layout or look of KC Beer Blog we now have 5 additional views each with their own merits and demerits. You can access the other views by adding /view to the end of the url and selecting from one of the 5 other views. Mosaic is the one I think works best for what we do here. Your mileage may vary. You do lose the sidebar with links to other KC beer blogs and other things, but the new views are pretty nice. Find one you like and bookmark it.

Lastly, we've added another way for you to get your timely KC Beer Blog information, Kindle subscriptions. I know you're thinking, well it looks like Vard is finally trying to reach into my pocket for some cash. Well, I'm not, I honestly thought I was going to get to make it free when I set it up, but I apparently don't have the ability to change the price, so it's $1.99/month to deliver every KC Beer Blog post to your Kindle. If you're not happy with it, cancel it, no skin off my nose. I'm just trying to figure out how the whole thing works, but I may do some Kindle exclusive content (think nude Chimpotle pictures) to make it a little more worth your while. But, $1.99 isn't really that much a month in the grand scheme of things so if you really love reading things on your Kindle, subscribe.

As always, you can also follow me on Twitter or "Like" KC Beer Blog on Facebook to get your KC Beer Blog content and since I have control over that, it's free. Forget I mentioned the other thing.

Now that I feel all dirty for boring you with this naked self promotion I'm going to hop in the shower and scrub myself with a wire brush so I can feel clean again.

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