Beer Chips

Stella and I made a big mistake this weekend, we went to Costco quite hungry. It was late in the afternoon after a minimal lunch and everything food sounded fantastic. It was this mindset that set the scene for us bringing home a bag of Beer Chips, potato chips made with beer.

I'd like to say that we made it home without breaking into the bag, but we didn't. We set the bag between us and started chowing down. The beer chips were crispy like the best potato chips on the planet, Krunchers. But, the thing that sets Beer Chips apart is the dusting on the chips that tastes faintly like beer. If you didn't know they were beer chips, you wouldn't be able to pick out the flavor. They're just slightly sweeter than a regular potato chip kind of like kettle corn is just a little sweeter than regular popcorn.

Beer Chips are fine for the novelty of them, but I haven't picked them back up since the drive home from Costco. My kids like them so they'll probably get the lion's share of the rest of them. But, for the beer lover, there's not much in Beer Chips that would make you really want to eat more than one bag. Save your money for some Jalapeno flavored Krunchers or Salt and Vinegar Art and Mary's.

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