Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thine Royal Cellar

Royal Liquors on State Line and 103rd is opening up their cellar to sell you some aged beers. First out of the cellar are 2009 Left Hand St. Vrain Belgian Tripel and 2010 Southern Tier Back Burner Barleywine. They don't have much so you're going to have to get over there pretty quickly to pick these up.

On Royal's Facebook page they promise more to come so you'll probably want to go ahead and "Like" the page so you can get their updates. Their FB page is one of the pages I go to regularly to find out what news beers have come in. It's one of the few liquor store pages that's at all worthwhile and timely, I recommend it highly.


  1. So they are selling bottles that have sat unsold for a premium? They have plenty of "cellared" beers sitting on the shelves. Most of the bigger stores do. Sometimes that's good, sometimes it is bad. I bought a Delerium Noel there around Christmas, that was definitely past its prime. On the other hand, I used to love finding 06 bottles of Goose Island Matilda on the shelves of stores, that stuff was great.

  2. Barleywhiner, sorry you feel that way. These are not "bottles that have sat unsold for a premium". The Back Burner was in fact from my own beer cellar at home. I returned 6 bottles to the store to help kick off our Cellar Series. Since taking over the Beer Manager position I have been putting select beers back for this program, and will continue to pull from my private stock to keep the program interesting. In the coming months you will see several beers you will have no trouble believing were not just leftovers. The Delerium Noel came from Missouri Beverage in November of 2010, it was not unsold from a previous year. If you buy a bad bottle bring the unconsumed portion back in and I will do my best to make it right. In fairness, yes I inherited some of this beer with my position, The St. Vrain in one of those. I uncovered it in our back room under an old display in a cool, dark, dry corner. Any Cellar Series Beers That I inherited will be sold at a markdown, not a premium. The St. Vrain was originally priced at 8.99, as part of the Cellar Series it will be $7.99. As with all the beers I put into our Cellar Series I pour for myself and 3 other people to ensure I have feedback on quality before putting them out for sale. If the beer is bad it will not be sold. Beer that I have put back will have a small markup. Ageing beer has some risk involved, and losses are inevitable. That small markup helps cover loss. If you give me and our store a chance I believe you will be happy with the results. As For Goose Island Matilda 06, we're all out. However I believe I have some 08 in my private stock, come see me, I'm open to trading!

    Brad Isch
    Beer Manager, Royal Liquor

    A very BIG thank you to Bull E. Vard for posting our link and everything else you do for the beer culture in KC! It is greatly appreciated!

  3. Brad,
    I'm naturally cynical, so I had to play devil's advocate. I do believe that old beer is a problem in a lot of stores, especially with the Euro beers.

    That being said, I think you are doing a good job with Royal. It is one of my regular stores for beer and wine. I appreciate the Facebook and Twitter updates (except when I get shutout from something I want!). I've spent plenty of money there in the past and will in the future. I'm disappointed that I'm going to be out of town next week and will miss the wine tasting.

  4. Brad,

    A couple of months ago when I was in there I saw a beer that I didn't know was out yet. I didn't trust Royal, so I thought it was from last year and said so on the blog. My perception was that Royal would sell old beer fairly regularly. That perception has changed dramatically for me now. Your store is my go to store for Missouri only beers. Plus, I wouldn't have plugged your FB site if you weren't so diligent about keeping it updated. Keep up the good work.

  5. The Senator called, he apologized for not coming but said that you would understand; also some of the judges. They've all sent gifts.