2011 Longshot

Sam Adams Longshot sixers are now available in KC. For those that don't know, the Longshot series comes from a homebrew competition sponsored by Sam Adams. The top 3 winners each get their shot to brew their beer commercially and sell it under the Sam Adams banner in the Longshot six packs. I've not been wowed many times, but the beers are always interesting and well worth trying. You may find one you like, I really loved the Double IPA a couple of years ago (and killed Billy Mays in the process, I think he died a month or so after this post).

This year's six pack includes Friar Hop Ale, Blackened Hops and Honey B's Lavender Wheat. The Longshot always has one beer that really makes me want the six pack and this year's beer is the Friar Hop Ale.
Richard Roper’s Friar Hop Ale combines his love of hops with his affinity for spicy Belgian ales. To develop his recipe, Roper created a hybrid of two styles, uniting the big hoppy taste of an IPA with the spicy, fruity flavor of a Belgian. The toasty caramel sweetness from the malt and Belgian candi sugar mimics a Belgian ale, while the big citrus hop notes of an IPA balance the style. A spicy yeast fermentation and hints of orange and coriander round out the brew. Richard’s Friar Hop Ale is a refreshing beer that can be enjoyed any time of year.
 Blackened Hops also kind of strikes my fancy and Honey B's Lavender Wheat seems worth a try but I typically don't like honey beers. Wort Hog has much more information on the Longshot beers and info on entering your own homebrew in the competition for next year's six pack.

The Longshot six pack is available on both sides of the state line and shouldn't be too hard to find.

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