Shaking the Peche Tree

Remember how much fun we all had a couple of weeks ago looking for Chocolate Ale? Well you can recreate that experience this week looking for Odell Avant Peche. It's about twice the price Chocolate Ale was a couple of weeks ago (1/3 of the price Chocolate Ale is now on the secondary market) at about $13-$16. But, it may very well be worth it, especially if you love peaches.

Avant Peche is an Imperial Porter aged in oak barrels with Colorado peaches and some wild yeasts. Avant Peche promises to be a very interesting beer with some sour flavors, peach flavors and the roastiness commonly found in a Porter. Like Chocolate Ale, Avant Peche is going to be fairly unique and may be just as accessible to the novice beer drinker.

Avant Peche has only been spotted a couple of places on the Kansas side. You can find out where it's been seen at OnTapKC. But, it's probably in all the better stores in Kansas today but it's definitely at Rimann Liquors. I don't think it will last long, you're probably going to want to get some before it's gone.

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