Raspberry Love

It's no secret to regular readers here that I love raspberries in all forms. I try just about every raspberry beer I see and make a huge deal of Frambozen's arrival into KC every year. But, I don't typically like lambics because I find them too syrupy and sweet.

I got a bottle of Wittekerke Framboise recently and thought it was going to be another super sweet raspberry lambic. I put it off for a couple of weeks but I finally cracked it open this weekend. Best decision of the weekend.

The Framboise was definitely raspberry centric. It's definitely a one note beer and if you don't like fruit beers or raspberry, you're not going to enjoy the Wittekerke Framboise. But, if you're like me and love raspberries, the Wittekerke Framboise should definitely be on your must drink list. It's not overly sweet and has a little wheaty backbone with a little bit of sour at the end. I didn't spill any on my hand so I can't tell you if it's sticky or not, but I would guess it's not.*

*Does sticky beer bother anyone else? Sixth Glass is exceptionally sticky (I always overflow my chalice when I pour Sixth Glass) and it bugs me having my glass all sticky. No one ever mentions stickiness as a criticism but it bothers me.

Wittekerke Framboise is a niche beer, not something you're going to grab when you want something hoppy or something malty. Framboise is something to grab when you want something a little different, maybe to go with your dessert or have a bit of a sweet craving. It's pretty cheap too, it can be found around town for $6.99/sixer but will probably be closer to $9.

Disclaimer: I received a bottle of Wittekerke Framboise free from a representative interested in selling more Wittekerke Framboise. This freebie did not influence the review, my love of raspberries did.

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