KCMO has Enough Cabs

I can't wait to see less taxis in KC
Tracy Ward, my favorite candidate for KC's City Council highlights on her campaign site the KC city council's war on cabs and expansion of businesses. Up for votes are measures that would increase the application fees and fines for liquor licensees seeking to expand, for taxi companies wishing to add cabs, livery vehicles or sightseeing vehicles to their fleet (and making it that much more expensive to start a new cab company) and a tenfold increase in any person who dares to operate as a taxi or bus for an evening shepherding around drunks for instance.

All of these increases are rather egregious and show just how little the KC city council thinks of the drinking public. The drinking public uses liquor licensed businesses and use cabs more than the average Kansas Citian. While these fees are relatively small compared to the cost of starting, operating or further expanding a business, they are very real costs for very very little benefit. The real cost will be fewer cabs, fewer transportation options for someone who's had too much to drink and needs to get home and fewer successful bars and restaurants. I guess the city council of KC thinks they have enough bars, restaurants and cabs.

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