Chocolate Hunters

The Riot Room guys are back and featuring a little heard of beer, Boulevard Chocolate Ale. They have it, it's on tap where it's somehow even more delicious. This video also marks the first appearance by one the Gents KC members, Fancy Pants. Fancy Pants will be bringing Firestone Walker to KC by March 15. I'm not sure if this video is his acting debut, but Fancy Pants is absolutely riveting portraying a fake reporter.

If you're still looking for Chocolate Ale for home consumption, you're almost out of luck. Your best bet is calling the Berbiglias on Westport, 63rd and Main streets because they're getting the most. When you call get your name on a list. Berbiglia has what they call a Connoiseur Club and members will have some set aside for them. The rest goes to people on the list, first come first served. So get your name on the list. Also today, some of the smallest liquor stores are getting theirs. I wouldn't count on being able to get a bottle at these stores because their regular customers have probably already claimed any bottle they're going to get.

At this point, your best bet for drinking Chocolate Ale, short of driving to St. Louis (they're getting theirs today, list of retailers here) or Wichita or Lincoln, is to have it on tap at places such as The Riot Room, Harry's Country Club, Barley's, The Flying Saucer, Swagger, The Rieger, Nick and Jake's (full list on Central States' FB page). Happy hunting.

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