Monday, February 28, 2011

Barleywine Week

Can you feel it in the air? The crisp cool air, mixed with the faint smell of Spring mixed with an overwhelming desire to drink strong ales can only mean one thing. That's right it's Barleywine Week!

The Flying Saucer is celebrating Barleywine Week by tapping a current or vintage barleywine every night at 7 PM. As if the tappings weren't enough, Saucerites will receive a punch card that will be stamped with each visit to Barleywine week. The lucky SOB that has the most punches (on the card, not in the face) will get his pickings of the rare barleywine bottles for sampling, most come, first served.

The action starts tonight at 6:55 with a Barleywine Week address by Beerack Obama with the tapping of Great Divide Old Ruffian following. The rest of the lineup is 2009 Schlafly Oak-Aged Barleywine on Tuesday; Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale on Wednesday; Anchor Old Foghorn Ale on Thursday; Lagunitas Brewing Company Olde GnarlyWine on Friday; Sierra Nevada Jack and Ken’s Black Barleywine on Saturday; and Sunday will feature 2010 Big Sky Olde Bluehair Barley Wine and 2009 North Coast Barrel-Aged Old Stock Ale.

The Matts are keeping tight lipped about the rare bottle selections on Sunday but, if every previous Saucer experience is a guide, it promises to be quite exciting. Get thee to the Saucer this week and get your punches. This may be your only chance to get some of these barleywines on tap.

Barleywine Week is a creation of The Flying Saucer, there will be no Barleywine Week address by Beerack Obama. Beerack Obama is a creation of Bull E. Vard. DOB's are also eligible for getting the most punches.


  1. Pretty sure the North Coast and Big Sky are the bottle selections. At least, that's what the BeerAdvocate event says.

  2. If what you say is true it would imply the PR lackey who wrote the press release either has a very poor gift for clarity in his writing or he was ignorant of Sunday's selection's draftiness or bottliness.

    Based on reading the press release, printed in full on the hockey jersey's site, the Beer Advocate event is incorrect. And pretty wildly incorrect because the press release implies that they are very special bottles.

    If I'm wrong, the PR lackey should be fired.

  3. The 2009 North Coast has to be a bottle as there are no kegs of that.

  4. Okay, the PR guy wrote a horribly misleading press release. He's owned up to it, Sunday's selections are the rare bottles.

  5. SN's Black Barleywine was incredibly tasty, but if it was $12-13/bottle retail, I don't even want to know what FS would be charging for it. I just count myself lucky to have gotten the 3 bottles that I did!