Friday, January 14, 2011

You Say You Want a Revolution?

We'll pick it up where last night's Keith Olbermann's worst person in the world got interesting:
And the worst person in the world is Jim Koch of the Boston Beer Company, purveyor of the popular beer brand Samuel Adams. Samuel Adams, leader of the American revolution, leader of the Boston Tea Party, America's first terrorist act. This week a new beer has been added to the Samuel Adams lineup, Revolutionary Rye Ale, the very same week a "revolutionary" gunman shot Rep. Giffords in the head.

Jim Koch is so fond of revolution, it's used over and over again on the Sam Adams FAQ page:
Jim Koch wanted a name that might represent that revolutionary idea. Samuel Adams was a leader of the American Revolution and was a Boston brewer and patriot. A fellow brewer and a fellow revolutionary, Samuel Adams was the perfect namesake.
This violent imagery of "revolution" has no place in our post-Tucson society, it had no place in our pre-Tucson society. How many killings can be traced back to Jim Koch's irresponsible language? Columbine? Oklahoma City? Virginia Tech? 9/11? No one can say.

Revolution has no place in our national conversation and Revolutionary Ale, a better than average, somewhat sour rye beer is only contributing to the violent political rhetoric in our land. Jim Koch is trying to hide Revolutionary Ale by only putting it in mixed 12 packs labeled Sam Adams American Originals,  To Jim Koch, though, revolution is not an original idea, it's the American way. Because of that, Jim Koch, you're the worst person...IN THE WORLD.


  1. Reactionary might be more accurate, as revolutionary may imply a progressive effort to free and improve our society from the stifling tyrrany of hate and deception spewed from the likes of those on the far right.

  2. Y'all seriously need to stick to beer and leave the left-wing political fingerpointing to the MSM and others. The guy in Tucson is neither revolutionary or reactionary. He is a crazy nutcase. Stick to beer blogging.

  3. On a beer note, not only is it in the american original 12pks, but it will be in 1/2 bbls in the coming week.

  4. Looks like a few people need to get their sarcasm detectors checked.

    Rye Ale? Yes please.

  5. Owd, Agreed on the Rye Ale. That's why I was interested. I love Rye beers. But this one is mildly disappointing for what I was expecting. It's still good. I'm going to get some more.

  6. dang. I just stopped following this blog. sad insertion of political stupidity.