Pilsner on Tap

Did you know that Boulevard Pilsner has only been in bottles? I didn't. I'd never given it much thought either. I really like Boulevard Pilsner, but I only buy it for specific occasions like a heatwave or a party or if I want to buy a 12 pack of good beer for $11. It never occurred to me that Pilsner wasn't on tap anywhere..

This week that all changes as Pilsner kegs are rolling off the distributor's trucks to go on tap at bars all across the metro. Hopefully, those taps will overtake some of the Budweiser and Miller Lite taps around town and give some smaller bars with few taps an opportunity to carry something from the hometown brewer. I'm kinda looking forward to my first draft Boulevard Pilsner, it would make Andy Dufresne happy.

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