Noble Pils

Sam Adams Noble Pils was a new spring seasonal for Sam Adams last year. I was very happy with this addition. I recently wrote that I really like Sam Adams seasonals and Noble Pils is my favorite of that bunch. I saw some at Lukas Liquor in Martin City last week when I was out there buying some Lagunitas Mason jars, my new beer mugs of choice. I decided to not buy any that day because I already had a couple of Missouri only beers already and thought I could just pick some up on my next trip to Tipsy's. I kind of regret that decision now since I haven't seen any Noble Pils since. But I know it's coming to store shelves this week if it's not already there.

My Lagunitas Mason jar almost emptied of it's Brown Shugga' 
It's situations like this that make OnTapKC a potentially valuable resource. If you see some Noble Pils be sure to tag it, it only takes a couple of seconds. I already logged my sighting, and you can check here to see other sightings of Noble Pils.

It's a bit of a shame they are releasing it so early in the year when it's so cold out. I liked this a lot on warmer days, pilsners don't really appeal to me when I'm cold. Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to drink a sixer of it right away when I get some, I would just prefer to have it a little later in the winter. Boulevard Irish Ale is also out now, it seems like seasonals are arriving earlier and gone by the time their actual season rolls around. I think it's about time to stop this trend and push everything back a month.

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